Create your own South Park style avatar

Create your own South Park style avatar

Today I want to tell you about a funny  pastime, something to relax that makes you forget for a moment the warm temperature of this period.As you may have guessed from the title I want to introduce you to an online service to create the ‘free South Park style avatar , the famous American cartoon series.More info and fun facts including episode guide of the show here. The site I’m about to introduce will allow you, to create the Avatar directly online  and without, therefore, to install any software on your PC.I chose this service because I was struck by the friendliness and quality of the tool to create the avatar  In fact, once you create your character you can choose to save it to your computer in Avatar style as well as  in portrait style, for desktop background or image for your blog.

Let us first of all see how to reach the site and then how to create an avatar for free.
Site to create free avatar
The site in question is and you can directly reach the service to create avatars of  by clicking on the link in the box below:

Just click on the previous link and wait for application to load.To begin to Click on the word  New avatar .

Now let’s see how to create the avatar.

After clicking on New avatar , the first thing you have to do is choose the body style of character that you want to create.


At the center you have a preview of the character you are creating.

The vertical scrolling menu contains, all objects and body parts you can change and add on your character from South Park. The menu items are:

  • Skin: Skin tone
  • Emotion
  • Hair: Hair
  • Tops: upper garments
  • Bottoms : lower garments
  • Accessories: various objects for the body

The horizontal scrolling menu contains the various type for the above parts.

The color tab which appears after hair selection at the bottom left allows you to change the color of the various accessories and items  on the character of ‘Avatar.

At any point you can you can click on Save .

It will open a page where you can.

  • Save on pc : through which you can save the ‘image on the PC of your character in Avatar style
  • Save as wall paper : through which you can choose to save the image to your PC in Blog style wallpaper (desktop background), and Portrait (Portrait).
  • Email to friend
  • Post to facebook.
  • Send To a Friend : to send the ‘avatar created to a friend via email.

What do you think? This application is real fun online?

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