Cute Ways to Decorate a Bathroom for Winter

Cute Ways to Decorate a Bathroom for Winter

The inside of your home can be updated to reflect the seasons, and you can do it in creative and clever ways. Remove fall decor and decorate your bathroom for winter. You can add a number of cute themed items that will echo the beauty of the season. Some options are homemade, while others are available in retail stores and online. In any case, your restroom can be transformed into a crisp and cool wintertime space, and it can be accomplished quickly and easily.

Transform Rolls of Tissue Paper into Smiling Snowmen

When thinking of rolls of tissue paper, decorating does not usually come to mind. It is intended for a purpose that is far less appealing, but it can become part of the decorating scheme when striving to decorate the bathroom for winter. Stack two double rolls, and apply craft foam cutouts to create facial features and buttons. Glue dots are ideal for attaching craft foam to tissue paper. Finish by tying a small scarf around the snowman’s neck. If you do not have one, braid strands of thick yarn to quickly and easily make one. Finish by placing a small stocking cap on the snowman’s rolled paper head. He will look incredibly cute. Unlike real snowmen, he will last until spring – unless of course you run out of tissue paper.


Decorate the Windows and Walls with Peel-and-Stick Snowflake Decals

If your bathroom walls are anything but white, decorate them with peel-and-stick snowflake decals. Look for detailed iridescent designs that will reflect light. They will look amazing when applied to a focal wall. If the walls are white or far too light, apply the snowflakes to the window or the corner of a mirror. A snowman or a bear dressed in winter garb would look cute beneath the giant flakes of snow. The application of decals is one of the easiest ways to decorate a bathroom for winter. They take just minutes to apply.

Update the Bathroom with Cute Seasonal Towels

Shop for cute seasonal towels in better department stores. You will find everything from adorable embroidered penguins to kids on skates. Snowmen are also quite popular. Mount a bar especially for decorative towels, and update your bathroom for winter. Be sure to hang thick and fluffy bath towels close to the shower or bathtub, and keep one next to the sink. If the decorative toweling goes unused, it will last considerably longer.

Add a Cute Wintertime Soap Pump, Soap Dish and Toothbrush Holder

One of the fastest and easiest ways to decorate a bathroom for winter does not involve crafting. Buy a cute wintertime set that includes a soap pump, a soap dish and a toothbrush holder. If you do not want to continue a snowman theme, consider choosing snowflake accessories. After all, a snow theme is an obvious choice when decorating for winter, even if you live in an area that does not receive a single flake.

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